The Chat from Brooklyn, New York (2024)

THE CHAT, SATURDAY, JUNE 20, WIS 'C: I-I'A'T Sf HHET Til Ot5 T. CO THEEF! OirDYNT ESvGtJ''l'0 'tS'nrnetiln 1 Wn nl mtvl! AnnU tTnm-f cIUCCE GLASS GF GRADUATES r.iWn.n.R PENNY A POUND PROFIT EXERCISES WERE' HELr IN THE AUDITORIUM oV THE BED-'' FORD rX i JL OrKAI.n AVF.NIJF, i. Trade Mk Our Week-End Combination No. On Sale Saturday Only sF you have ever missed WEEK'S BIG July 1, 2, 3 The Celebrated Star IN trail an assortment of candy and waiting for same to be wrapp up and tied, you will appreciate the time-saving features o-our -Week-End Combination all readi il and waltlnn for vou to MMM contains the following: 2 Lb. (Sox' Special" AsiortW' Chocolates, 1 package of Lolll.

Oft dods. 'A-Lb. box Chocolate Almonds, 1-Lb. box Spiced I.ZSI' Operas, 1-Lb. box 19c Special.

PACKAGE COMPLETE 'Extra Specials and Other Attractive Offerings r-' For Saturday $. EXCELLENT VAUDEVILLE PROGRAMME CHOCOLATE COVERED MARSH-MALLOW MINTS The name telle the story so far aa the composition of the tweets Is concerned, but gives no Idea of Melr' dellelousnear produced, by Honey Sweet Marth flatmrstrl with real orina Maado w. Brook ttit-and Jckated in our yncxceiiea vnocoiaio. Our ra-39c aoods. Extra 25c Special.

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locations see Telephone Director'. wan, Lillie Lerner, Charlotte Levine, Lot tie Marcus, Sophie Mlntzles, Dora New- man, Mollie Roue Saul. iSarelt Esther. phle- Stelh. lies Trencher.

Ida Weinberg, Sadie Zlut ink, Dora Kramer, Rosa Kor- man, Julia Sophie Llnslder, Mollie Levlnson, Vetta Miller. Lather Markowltz, Piovnlclc, Pas-kowHz, Anna Penny Bessie Ruberman, Martha Snector; "Ida Silverman, Annie Hbftiffrin. Rose Schnell, Rose Slochevsky, Rose SlelHer, Henrietta Welner, Lottie LakotHin, Kate Klein, Florence Larkln, Julia Levy, Josephine 'Maltese, Ida Mll-ner, Dinah Peskin, Bertha Press, Jennie Rothstein, Fannie Sa-calowsky, Annie Schwartst, Jennie Schnel-derman, Farini Sobel, Nora Stickle, Rose -Strassburg, Mollie Wesserman, Uettle Welner, Llllie, Bertistein, Sarah Bloom, Jessie -Bogen, Sophie BobrOwsTty, Anna Cohem'- Helen Erbsenthal, Sarah For-man, Annie Gershkowitz, Celia Goldberg, Rose Goldberg, Jeannette Goldman, Re- Jjecca" GradiiSf Esther Hirshfleld, Mary Halbreich, Frances Kaplan, Dora Kap lan. Pauline Kaminsky. Sophie Kashner, Liczie Levme, Lillian Llllis, WHERE TO EAT Robert's Restaurant 965 BROADWAY 1146 MYRTLE AVE.

Buahwick 2465 Beit Table d'Hot Dinner, SSc Butinett Men'i Luncheon, SOe Oysters, Chops, Specialties, at All Hours SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER, PVp from 11 A. Mi to P. M. Ladies'Entrance on Myrtle Lillle Mehlraan, Yetta Miller, Ethel MIU ier, Elslej Oaipoft; Dora Papernltzsky, Rachel Raymond, Lillle Roainsky, Sadie Ro-senkofg-ky; Bella' Rothman. Jennie Schlus-se'l, Frances Stanowitz, Beckle Welsberg, Wa Kevltowsky.

Jennie1 Blatt, Annie Bo- bios, Susie Chalt, Kate Cohen, Rose Co-I Julia' Cohen," Florence Elk, Bertha Kler, Freda: Frank, Tillle doldstein, Lil lian Goldstein, Fannie Goodman. Eleanor Greenberg.Katherlne- Rebecca Hoberman, Rose Jaffe, Anna Jacobson, Minnie Karansky, Yetta Sophie1 Kashner, Lizzie tvlne, Lillian Levy, Lucy Llllis: Lillle Jlehlman Tetta Miller. Miller, ElJie' Osipoff, Dora Paper- nltzsky, Rachel Raymond, Sadie Rozln- skySadle, Rosenkofskl, Bella Rothman, Jennie, Schlussel, Frances Stanowitz, Beckie Weisberg, Ida Rachel Katz, Lillian Levy, Minnie Lipschitz, Sarah Malafsky, Gussie Metroy, Kate Morgenstein, Fannie Pickowsky. Fannie Raskas, Sara' Rlfkln; Either. Rosenthal, Lena Rosensweig, Ida Rovltch," Celia Silverman, Sara: Shapiro, Estheii ISolohlnskyi.

Bess i 6 Wollinsky, Ce lia Zangwlll, Elizabeth ZalL Tb Airdrcr.2 BROADWAY. ROCKAWAY AVE. and CHAUNCEY STREET Adjoining the Colonial Theatre Open Every Evening. I Wea thin- Permitting. Largest, Most Comfortable Open-Air Theatre In Brooklyn.

Satimr Conncltv. Individual Senti. WAR SAVINGS Ui PARTY WILL M1LLI1 UNITY REPUBLICAN CLUB WILL AIM TO PUT, BUSHWICK "OVER f- THE TOP" TO BE HELD JUNE 28-29TH Club Lawn Will" Be Illuminated Many Valuable Prizes Proceeds to'Purehase Stampt The linity Reepublican Club will be the first organization to launch the War Savings Stamp TJrlve In this borough a lawn party to be held at the clubhouse grounds, at Gates, corner Bushwlck avenue, on Friday and Saturday of this week. George B. Serenbetz haa thoroughly organized the campaign' td put the Bushwick section "over the top on the 'sale of Thrift' and War Savings Stamps, together with Mrs.

Emma G. Christ, the third vice-president of the Unity Republican Club, who is at the head of the committee on 'grounds and the. build ings and booths will be brilliantly, lighted with hundreds of red, white and blue electric The clubhouse parlors will be thrown open to dancing. Prizes, consisting of several tons of coal, phono graphs, cameras, five-dollar War Savings Stamps, orders on ladles' besides many useful articles such as books, wearing apparel and groceries, will be drawn for. Every person will receive a Thrift Stamp with every prize drawn.

The entire proceeds will be used to purchase Thrift Stamps. Ice cream, candles, coffee and cakes will be dispensed by the Bushwick section's prettiest girls, and every order will carry with it a drawing for a Thrift Stamp. Special police arrangements have been made by Police Reserve Lieutenant Alexander MacGregor to handle the large attendance which the large advance -sale of tickets Indicates will attend this unusual event of receiving a Thrift Stamp and a prize for the nominal sum of ten The committees in charge are: Committee on Arrangements Bi B. Christ, Sr4S Richard E. Weber, William H.

Pendry and George H. Biettman. Reception Committee Geo. B. Serenbetz, Senator Robert.

R. Lawson, Hon. Harrison C. Glore, George Dotzauer, Edw. F.

Gundrum and C. F. Mack." Booth Mrs. Daniel Morrison. Camille McGregor, Mrs.

Jeanette Wear, Miaz Trepel, Adelaide Wear, Ada Mac-I Gregor, Mies Lawson, Mtes Miss' Honig. Mrs. M. Acker, Bertha Bush. Mrs.

Lillian M. Finch, Miss Bloom, Mrs. Frederick Stokes ami Faith Moore Andrews. Flag Booth Mrs. George B.

Serenbetz, Anna Krauser, Florence Avery, Marion Avery, Lillian Avery, Minnie Barnes, Louise Schultz and Amelia Weissinger. Cigar and Cigarette Booth Mrs. Harrison C. Giore, Ida Rourke, Mrs. Evans, Miss Kay, Betty Mashen.

'Theresa Con-wenuer and Anna M. Bush. Soldiers' Books Booth Mrs. Christopher Mack, Mrs. Stephen Benedict.

Mrs. John T. Bladen. i Lights and Illuminations William Pendry, George Straub, Daniel Morrison. Decorations George Straub, Alex.

MacGregor, Hon. William H. Pendry. Cake Booth Mrs. Wm.

H. Pendry, Everett. Neal. Ice Cream Booth Mrs. Schneider, Mrs.

Evans. Mrs. Mashen, Jessie Low. Gypsy Booth Mrs; Jane Hooker. Lemonade Booth Mrs.

Ernest Frank, Miss Ernest, Anna E. Gref, Pauline Rogers, Gerrtude Hall, Violin and Music Booth Louise D. Bauer. 1 Stamp Booth Mrs. Ed.

R. Domeschk. Miss Daisy Cook. Miss Viola Cook, Miss Mathilda Meyer, Miss Agnes Dickson. Miss Glena Roberts, Miss Mae Rienecker.

Candy Booth Mrs. George Bretrman. Anne- Wansganx, Eleanor Brettmar. Melting Pot Mrs. Robert R.

Lawson. Minnie Mashen, Miss Mathias, 8. Hertick. Buildings and Boothi B. B.

Christ, George Straub. Auctioneers George B. Case and B. B. Finance -ommitKe Chatles CSstrell.

Chiiit. it. rri! I rllli I '11 -I vwiiuwi. iivi I EXERCISES OF A PATRIOTIC NA-1 TURE WERE HELD ON MONDAY AT SCHOOL DIPLOMAS FOR 382 PUPILS Certificates of Honor Were Also Awarded for War Work Done by Students of School One of the largest classes in the elementary-schools of the ity was On Monday, June 34, when the 382 graduates of the eleven ctasses of Pub' lie School 109 received their diplomas. The exercises were of a patriotic nature, consisting of a dramatisation of Woods Stevens' "Drawing of the Sword." under the direction ef JIUs Mackintosh, assistant principal, and a collection of patriotic songs.

Another feature' of the exercises was the awarding of certificates of honor for war work, These certificates were awarded to the 'classes that have. done' distinguished work. In war'- activities: Highest subscriptions Third Liberty Liberty Loan, highest amount War Stamp Sales, 100 Junior Red Cross membership, 100 Thrift Stamp Clubs, 100 Liberty Loan subscribers. P. S.

No. 109, with Its register of over chtldren ia the largest" school. In the city. war activities have, neen In proportion to Us It has a Junior Red Cross membership. Red Cross pledges amounting to over 2,500, War and Thrift Stamp Sales amounting to, $25,000 and Loan subscriptions amounting to, over $186,000.

The school Bervice flag represents 205 numea and new names are being constantly added. During the -week there was a millinery exhibit in the millinery room, a drawing exhibit in the drawing room and a garden exhibit in the garden. The program was thoroughly enjoyed. It March of the graduates; hymri; songs, "Annie Laurie" and "Sum- dramatization, "The Drawing of the Sword," by the 8B Dramatic Class; "The Long, Long Trail, "Sleeping eward of medals; songs, "We AH Love Jack" and "Go to Sleep, My Duaky Addresses were made by the members of the local board. Those present were: F.

Wlngebach, principal; assistants to prin cipal, Lydla Barwood, Christina M. Graham, Margaret C. Mackintosh; SB teachers, Jennie, Boulter, Rebecca T. Buckley, Teresa M. Burnett, Fannie R.

Ada Craig, Malvina Liebermnnn Lydla A. Peck, Emma J. Roney, Arthur J. Stang, Anna Wills; Arthur J3. Somers, president Board of William Ettlnger, City Superintendent of Schopls; John district superintendent; Local School Board, Dis trict 39, Baruch Miller, chairman; Mary M.

Dammann, secretary Isaac Allen, H. Marsha Snyder. The graduates are: Max Amaaonsky. Louis AppeL Barney" Berfond, Joseph Berger, Abraham Charleston, Samuel Co hen, Arthur Cohri-, Isldor Crass, Ell Ep stein, Max Felnman, Reuben Frledlander, William Gwasdorf, Samuel Hassen, Will lam Glvasdorf, Max Hazelkorn, Abraham Jacobs, Milton 'Lelbowlti, JUde Levlne, Joseph Louis Monestersky, Adolph Nutlg, Morris Pearlman, Abraham Peltzer, Reuben Morris Radvln, Harold Rappa port, Harry Joseph Sakoff, Samuel Schuckman', Nathan Smo- ler, Harry Abraham TJlln. Philip Zimbler, Aaron David Aronowlti, Theodore Bernstein; Morris Blrnbaum, Charles Louis Eskln, Sclig Felsenfeld.

Bainet Friedman, Israel Barnet GiSrddn, Henry Hecl*t, Benjamin Kaletsky, Benjamin Katz, Ab raham' M. Kessler, William R. Klein, Hy- man Koepple; Louis Kramer, Alfred Le jvlpe, David Llchtman. Louis Merles, Mor 8. Pollack Louis Portnojv Samuel iRo.ten;-- Bernard Helfky, SvrZ David' Yedlln, Frank Zwlck, Joseph Baer, Morris Belk, Joseph Bottitta.

Frank Co han, Isidore Cohen, Joseph Cohen, David DhDChancky. Louis Ether. Benjamin Friedman. Taut Futerman, Moses Good- son, Louis Barnet Katz, Thos. Kerness, Isidore Kornfeld, Jacob Lapotin, Samuel Mecklor, Samuel Mlchelson, Beu Jamln' Pfekor, Emanuel Harry Rivkin, Isldor Schaeffer, Samuel Shamis, Israel Shelanke, Harry Shereshevsky Max Sllverstein, Solomon Taplitzky.

Sam uel Tessler, David Michael George Altman, Jacob Berg- Abraham Bockstein, Benjamin Broth, Tv.nntti HrrT Reuben Bustln, Michal Denottl, Harry Entin, Benjamin Evens, Abraham Fried man, Philip Fuchsman. Frederick Ge' cHinsky. Samuel Goodman, William Hecht Touii, 7in. v.lim.n. IVunlr Kogtrinekv gamucl Benjamin Katz.

Israel Mandel. Michael Markowltz, Morris Mester, Adolph Meyerowltz, Henry Minsok, Abraham Rosenberg, Geshone Rubin, Morrig Rubin, 'David' Sandler, Frank Abraham Selvln, Morris! Silverman, Morris Smith, Frank Steinberg, William Tamber. John Turczyn. Abraham Isidore Wolf, Harry Berkowltz, Morris Bocksteln. Benjamin Brown, Henry Cohen, Samuel Cohen, Louis Diamond, Samuel Dworkln, Hyman Fiddelman.

Abraham Jacob Fried, Samuel Gitlin, Solomon Kantor Max Kaplan, Harry Kleeman, Benjamin Kras- ner, George manes, Nathan Mullen, Louis Baumgarten, Moses Bookbinder, Fannie Brown. Jacob Coop' er, Jennie Cohen, Bessie Contract, Rose Dorr, Benjamin Diamond, Yetta Finkel-i stein. Pearl Fleshier, Eva. Frcundllch, Harry' Garbe, Dora Gold, Yetta Gold.j Isidore Meyerowltz, Israel Morrison, Israel Naroflaky, Jacob Novack, Morri Piko, Jacob Morris Rothenberg.l Meyer Rubinson, Jacob Schloss, Manuel Schneider, Israel Sherr, Morris stein, Morris Smith, Abraham Steinberg, Samuel Strasberg, Charles Tanncnbaum, William Yelles, Charlc Zohlman, Ida Yetta Granet, Beckle Honick-; man, Harry Litvack, Dora Lederflne, Samuel Nadler, Anna Liebman, Hannah Pollack, Max Polsky, Max Rothman. SI-' mon Sunshine," Helen Schneider, "Rose Shapiro, Dora Steel, Sadie" Wllner, Rachel Abramowitz.

Sarah Ackerman, Bessie Anderson, Annie Alpert, Ettle Rose Bunzelrhan, Rebecca Cohen, Sarah Diamond, Pauline' Drobner, Ida Elnblrider. Fincher, Annie Frank, Yetta Fuchs, Hanna Goodman. Tillle Goldstein, Ida Gradesey, Minnie Kamino-witz, Lillie Katz, Sarah Kludke, Rachel Karnehin, Lizzie Kantrowltz, Annie Karp-man, Lillie Lerner, Charlotte Levlne, tattle Marcus, Sophie Mintzies, Dora Newman, Bessie Rltz, Mollie Rosenberg, Rose Saul, Sarah Shatz, Esther Schwartz, Sophie Stein, Rose Trencher, Ida Sadie Zlotlnk, Fannie Ardashinkof, Freda Aiper, Nettie Baratofsky, Fannie Bernstein' Mary Bedell, Mollie Bockman, Ruth Brown, Yetta Cohen, Ida Cohen, Sarah Epstein, Esther Feinstein. Minnie Fein-stein, Lillian Fyman, Mary Gumanow, Yetta Glazer. Llilite Horowitz, Sarah Hadnler.

Rose Kaplan, Lillle Klonsky, Esther Agins. Eva Beckman, Ida Bernstein, Rose Bernstein. Anna Birenbaum, Anna Blrnbaum, Bella Chavin, Sadie Cohen, Hose I'inun, Dora Ferber, Bella Friedman, Bertha Caller, Lena Gold-si eln. Rose Hatberstadt, Sarah Jacobs. Bertha Karathfsiky.

Sarali" Sylvia KaatM'a Sarah Kludke, Rachel Ner RROanttWAY FEATURES SUN. July 4, 6, 7 i The Popular tSar. P1AQ- nay in jcv.k' (Except Saturday, Sunday Holidays) OOP'S Smith and Llvihgston I Week's EJIfr Features Wed. July 1, 2, 3 The Celebrated Star 0E9. Ll.

GQElAn 'Hit the Trail Sapsrb Vaudeville Programme Fri Sun. July 4, 5, 6, 7 The Popular Star CHAS. RAY in 'HIS OWN HOMETOWN' HAL CRANE CO. Many Other Acts. Afternoon 10s, 15o Niht 10c, 15c, 35c Lqgw's FULTOr Fulton St.

and Nostrand Ave. Weelc'ei BIj; Features July 1, 2, 3 The Celebrated Star GEensE n. ooiiah in. HIT THE TRAIL HOLIDAY' ASH Ll fiti ALLMAN Many Other Acts. 8AT SUN.

4 July 4, 5, 6, 7 The Popular Star CffAS-RAY in own home town PSV ONOSTCRS Wany Other 10c-15c. Night, 10c-25c-35c SCHOOL 89 GRADUATES GIVE EXCELLENT PRCGRffl THE EXERCISES OF FLATBUSH SCHOOL HELD ON FRIDAY IN'. St. JEROME'S EIGHTY-ONE. GET THE DIPLOMAS Five Boys and'-Two Girls on Honor Roll Students Give Two Other Good Number.

school to take place this June Is that of P. 8. No. 89, which is at Newklrk avenue and I East 31st street, or which Mrs. AHce Is principal and Miss Emily E.

A. Howd is assistant. The eommenoe-ment was held In the auditorluni Of St. Jerome's Parochial School, corner of New-Itirk and Nostrand avfenues. The program opened with the singing of "The Stare and Stripes," and this was followed by.

a by members of the class," Class 8B. Other numbers Recitation, 4in Flander by Cowlea; chorus, VWhen the Boye "Come Homes" Belgian Follt by two 8B classes. And an address by Mr.J.';J. Snydar, of the Board Education, rvyw.8. Waxworks" was the title of a sketch In which the following children took part: Dorothy Seablom, Foster Loh- iem, uour.

tienry Biioerucnt, ueuraw imiitsins, Agne. Fulton, Gustavo Jimenez. Austin George, Anna Breltendecker, Marlon Phil lips, Bella Weinberg, Albert Morrow, Minnie Johnston, Hubert Busch. Milton Edith Sussman, Grace t.mker, Harry Augustine, Peter Graffa*gnino, Arthur James. Frank Neary, Emanuel Solo-; mon, Morris Blrnbaum, A play entitled "The Call to the outh of America." with Josephine Holm as America, Alice Porqnay as France.

Aurora Crean- as' England, Amelia- Fluma-relll as and Marie Hask Belgium. Others who took part were Noble Cowles, Gertrude Menken, Matilda Slonin, Harry Craft, Joseph Waldhatier, Oertrttds Rofff. William Murtha, Bertha Fink, Roger Lopez and Margaret Cummlngs. The music Incidental to the. play consisted of the various national hymne.

The exercises conducted with a salute to the flag. District Superintendent. J. J. Reynolds presented the diplomas to these children: Harry F.

Augustine, William Bader. Morris Blrnbaum, Norman T. Buddlne, Henry J. Burns, Hubert S. Busch, Wilbor Cochrane, Noble P.

Cowles. Heiy B. Craft, Edward J. Cummings. Milton W.

DeNure, Herbert A. Donohue. Jack Drake, PatrWt DurantBj Charles A Fin-ley, Henry G. France, Jacob' Friedman, Austin George, Milton Glmber. Peter J.

Graffa*glnio. W. Arthur James, J. Gustavo Jimenez, Charles' F. Kenny, Albert S.

Kerr, T. Foster Lohleln, Rogert J. Lopez, Percy E. Michel. Albert A.

Morrow. William T. Murtha," Frank E. Neary, James W. O'Brien, Alexander Offenberg.

Maurice A. Ross, Richard F. Ross. Adolph C. Ruopp, Henry Sitberlfcht, Wesley B.

Simpson, Emanuel Solomon. Carl F. Thoma, Joseph' Waldnatier. Sadie Bar-nett, May M. Bender, J.

Grace Bouker, Anna M. Breftenbecker. Alice A. Buck-master, Elisabeth F. Callan, Aurora M.

Crean, Margaret M. Cordier, Margaret C. Cummlngs, Teresa Doddato. Gertrude E. Douglas.

Melltta Farran. Bertha C. Fink, Gladys' L. Finley, Amelia M. Flumarelll.

Cecilia C. Fives. Gladys M. Foster, J. Agnes Maria Hack, 'Josephine Holm, Dorothy Huber, Minnie T.

Johnston, Margaret G. Kelly, Gertrude L. Menken. Margaret M. McCaffers', C.

Maude Palmer, Marion E. Phillips. Alice J. rourquoy, Gertrude G. Rolff, Dorothy M.

Seablom, Helen T. Sheehan. Louise Siglock, Matilda E. Slonlm, Helen G. Stack.

Edith Sussman, Lucy Talber. Bella Weinberg. Kmma- m. voe-fi, Kfirtaj Weisiger. George H.

Wprfclman, Edward Wernersbach. The honor pupils were Normnn Bud-dine. Noiuc P. Cowles. Albert S- Kerr.

Racer J. Lnpex EmaTroFtTolommirJone-phine Holme and Matilda E- Slonim. i 1 ADDRESS BY BENJAMIN VEIT Prizes of Gold and Silver Thimble, Silver Spoona and Honorable Mention to Clever Pupils( The graduation exercises of'LafajMte School," Public School No. 25, took place at the 'Bedford MV C.A. fin Monday, June 24 at 1.30 tk ptmclpM, Isidore Springer presiding." District Superintendent, Benjamin "Veit, made' the address to the pupils and Mr.

Craig irer sented the diplomas to graduates. Mrs. F. F. Purdy.

president of the Mothers' Club, "In behalf of 'that popular and progressive organization presented prizes of a gold thimble to' cnarioite Slomkin and a silver thimble to Ruth Miller for. efficiency, In '-sewing, with honorable mention to- Florence Korkus, Gertrude Flchert and' Selma.Bergtda jmi two silver spoons to Fannie Keller and Gertrude Felchert for honor-, able mention going to Charlotte Anna La zar, Sadie Obligentartz and Julia In, excellence of shop work, Sidney Herbert received first prise. Gustave Dankelman. second and George- Weir, thlr. Sylvia Gottlieb was awardr ett medai lor, Honoraoie mention, Florence Gill and Teresa Joseph Markowltz, medal for matliania-tlcs.

Honorable mention, Moses Sach and Florence Newman, Martha Stern medal for, Englsh. Honorable mentlbn. Sylvia Green and Florence Newman. i J- The program was 'under direction of Miss Cornelia S. Bennett, who la with the Motor Corps of America, assisted by Miss Elizabeth Burr.1- The musical nttm-bers by the school orchestra weje'Well played.

The program was as Reading rom the Scripture "Stars of the Graduating Class: Recitation, Herman King; Wand Boys of Class; (a March, "Hope," Papirrt; (b) Barcarolle, of School' Extracts txom President Wilson's Recent Speoch, Moses Sack; Song, "Amerlca'a Graduating Class. 1 Part; II-i-ReoltatioB, VTheS Nettle Hassin the Knitting, Club; Third Nocturne, Chopin, Orchestra; Maypole i Dance, Hills of Gradoatlng Class; Recitation, 'Tlve la Frahce," Sylvia 'Gott-' War Songs, Class and Address. Benj. Velt, District Of Prizes, Mrs.iF. F.

Pfcrdy; Presentation Diplomas; Salute to the Flag, Banner," Class and Audience. Ihe graduates: Abrams, Abraham Baranoff, Solomon Damsky, Gustave Dunkelman. Elnhom, Arthur Erenstoft, Harry Friedman, Ben jamin Goldstaub, Elliot Horowitz, Isidore Jackson, David Kafka, Harold Rothschild. David Samuels Nafthatie Schaffer, WUllam Sklar, Harry BasselL Ida -Blum, Ger trude Felckert, sMary- Goldstein, Sylvia Green, Ruth Greenberg, Netti Hassin Pauline HerschensohH, Elizabeth Johnson, Fannie Keller, Mabel Leyine, Augusta Perlow, Dora Potashnikeff, Anna Rosen- baum, Augusta Rotheriberg, Slamkln, Rose Martha Stern, Rose Samuel M'on-is', Jacob Berman, Joseph- Brwst," Isidore Cetner, Philip Epstein, Jerome5 Grauer, Sidney Hej-bert, Ahner 'inslee Lasky, Joseph Lindenhauhi," Manuel Merowitz, Samuel Rubin, Bernhard Schulman, Saul Seidler, Isidore- Alfred Stam. Ben jamln Florence AbeJow, Sylvia Bloom.

Sarah Braverman, Lillle Fedcr, Sylvia Gottlieb, Sylvia Gladys Hede- man, Raven Hume; Dorothy Kasenetz, Rose. Katzog, Pauline Kunitxc, Marion Moskowitz, Florence Newman. Sadie Ob- llgenharts, Irene Pearlman, Estelle Salt--aer, SophleSchifter, Minnie Schrler, Leah Schulman, PHUilne- Shapiro, Bessie Smio-wltz, Lillie WeW, fJullen Zinwnerleln." Harold Aarort, Rubin Berliner, Perry Beskind, Karl Bruckdnfeld, Samuel Coheir, Abram Dellerson, -Sidney- Hassin, Ellas Iser, Benjamin Margolis, Israel Popelow- sky, Mosea Sacte William Schlllf Oswald Isidore Adrlaa Trautanan, Weir George. Matilda Beckman, Jennie Bershatsky, May Black, Fanny Braver-man, Sadie Etkin, Lillian Felnberg, Dinah Goldsmith, Celia Green, Marlon Kestin. Frances Xopman, Florence Korkus, Marion Llpkowltz.Frances Navard, Jen nie Fruce, Helen Rudick, Bessie Rudolph, Julia Seymour, Ruth Shapiro, Rose Tapper, Sylvia Zimmerman." Abraham Bernstein, Irving Casper.

Samuel Cohen, Samuel Ginsberg, Bernard Gordon. Arthur Isaacson. Herman King. Simon Levlne, Jacob Levy, Joseph Marko wltz, Joseph Sarisohn, -Sidney Pchig, Alexander Skoblow, Sptvak, Louis Traub, Benjamin Wagman, Louis Weil. Frank Wilensky.

Selma Berglda, Rae Erower, Rose Brecker, Llllie Cohen, Sadie Freedman, Florence Gill. Anna Lazar, Naomi Marienhog, Jessie Markowltz, Ruth Miller, Daisy Milner, Martha, Plapinger, Victoria Rab, Dorothea Schlaefer, Flor ence Shnnker, Anna Solomon. Marion Stahl, Julia Stelnowltz, Estelle Strayton. of Board of Education Hon. Arthur S.

Somers president; Mrs. Isaac F. Russell, -i'j Local School Board Samuel Cragg, Miss Jennie E. secretary; Mrs. Clotilde Hollman, Gustavus Webber," George Hanna; Benjamin Ve1t, superintendent; Isidore Springer, principal; assistants to principal.

Flor ence K. Nixon, Anna McGoldrick. LAWN PARTY Al64 'SOLDIER'S KIN Catholic Women League Holds Decidedly Successful Affair In Flatbush.v Catholic Women's League of Brooklyn held a most successful lawn' fete on Sunday afternoon last-en the grounds of Mrs. Diaries F. Heinethaa, 684 Flatbush avenue, to raise funds for the civilian relief work for the dependants, of soldiers.

During the Red Cross Drive when many of the members participated In canvass of the borough, came across many cases' of destitution among the de pendants of men In the service and as a result the League has redouhled its efforts. Sixty churches are represented in the organization. Amelia appeared, during, the afternoon and delivered a short on "Woman's Duty to the Country." She recited two poems, Last night United States Marshal Thomas McCarthy of Manhattan and John H. Mc-Cooey spoke. 1 The Heineman grounds were gaily dec orated with bunting and Ue electric lights on the booths added tcv the plc-turesquenefs last Music was pro1-vided by the Navy Yard llrs.

James Mc.Mahon is of the Leairue. The general committee comprised Mrs. William Howard chairman; Mea- dames Charles F. George J. O'Keefe, J.

Richard Kevin. WilliaciV. PrendergasL. William Eair, Katharine Sanders, Cateiine Ifger -and Cc-JieU. your train, or boat while making ti-' sav the word.

COMBINATION No. MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED CREAMERY CARAMELS These big squares of delicious carami excellence are produced from the and purest creamery pro-ducti, generously spangled with tatty Nuts and richly covered with famous Premium, Mllk vChoc-late. Our reg. 54c goods, a a EXTRA SPECIAL. 44 i MILK'" CHOCOLATE COVERED ASSORTED FRESH FRUIT Lus-cloua fresh Raspberries, Peaches, Bananas, Apples.

Cherries, Pears and Pine apples. Each variety of fruit In Its fullest per fection Is first plunged In Fondant pream, then lavishly covered our famous Premium Milk Choco-late and formed Into mouthfuls of Indescribable charm and dellclousness. jflC POUND BOX Includes the container. Olener, Helen Pakula, Marvin Joseph Pear, Gertrude Peller, Furman Pfeiffer, George Philip Pblldius. John Phllp.

John Nicholas Plrettl, t- Pitsch, Neville Waldo Pooler, Valen es Pottle, Dorothy Powell, Marlon ton Lillian Ernestine Rabe, 1 Han Rabinowltz, Louis Raff, How- 1 Reld, Josiah Viola Reiter, r- jorie Edna M. Ringe, Fenwtr Ritchie, Loula Ritt. J. Addison Dorothy Robertson, Edna' toy. Rosenfeld, Eleanor Rouden, Samuel J-.

Rubin, "Victor Russo; Gertrude Ri.n.t Clara Safchlk, Belle H. Arthur Leon Salmon, Ruth, Julius Scharm'ann, Charles E-sSchlent-n, Dorothy E. Schumann, Ethel JU'-garet (T. S). Amelia D.

Seidman. Howard i Adee Shiebler, Mildred llrBi:" Shivers, Irving Singer, Eleanor R. Blmnn. Elwod Smith, Russell 8- iSouvtlle, Waiter Nathan Spector, Le is Andrew Pence, Muriel -Squire. Harold Stahman, Molly Stak, Dorothy Taylor, Janet Stein, Elizabeth M.

Thomie -i. Elizabeth Tuckey. Mildred Gertn Uhrbrock; Ida Van Cleef, William G. Pelt. Emll Verrllll, Stephen Voorhies, John F.

Wahlers, Estelle Wall. Harold Walton Lillian Evelyn We- Frieda-' AVsisberg, vBessie. E. Weismsn, Amy White, Charles Whlton, Baiii-beth A. Martha M.

Wille, Ms run Elsie Wltten, Harold Wli-" Dorothy Howard Mitchell, Wolfson, John Scott, Wood, Joseph 'Youngwood. HOLY INNOCENTS GRADUATION. Thirty pupils' were graduated Fruifv n'ight, June 21." at (he commencement exercises of. the Holy Innocents Paari-chlal Beverly road and East 17 ii street Thus was the first class to graduate, as the school was founded only fmir years ago with the four lowest grade-. It now has all he eight elementary cl 1 grades.

The younger provi- much of the entertainment. The Rev. William J. Costellorerln. tt the Holy Innocents Church, awarded diplomas and medals.

An address -was delivered, by. the Joseph V. S. Mc-Clancy, diocesan superintendent: of Catholic schools. Francis A.

Devin, IS years old, was valedictorian. The feature was the presentation of a play based on-Roman history by the graduates -whs follow: Bernardo 3. Calero, Lawrence F. Cant well, George V. Cornell.

Francis A. levin, Paul M. Cornelius Kanaley, Henry J. Lemmermatin, Jeremiah O. Lyons, Hugh T.

McCarren, Miles F. McDonald. Edwin J. Schaper. Robert C.

Wall, George A. Warburton. John A. Woods. Ralph L.

Woods, Elizabih Brown. Dolores Calero. Margaret Cor-dell, Catherine 8. Davis, Helen Gallagher, Betty G. Hart, Angela T.

Hepp. Dorothy E. Janet R. Lay. Mn um W.

Marnane, Mildred E. Peterson, Mi -jorie F. Quaid. Helen T. Staines, Marguerite E.

Sullivan and Helen JL Wrin-right. Medals for regularity In attendane-s were awarded to Kathleen Hlckey. Veronica M(tge; 'Francis Stoddard. Stoddard. Helen Cordell.

Grace Richar-i-son, Henry Jakubec, Margaret' Staines, Dorothea Koester. Charles Bellow, Mar gtierite Corbett, Marguerite E. SuIIuvti. Mildred E. Margaret M.

-dell, Dolores Calero and Laura Garden Party -and War Relief Sale. An attractive garden party and apn-sale was held on Friday afternoon of 1 week on the grounds of Mrs. Panm Jackson, $50 Elmore place, and under auspices of the Waterloo Chapter of Imperial Order or the' Daughters of British Empire. Jackson Is of the chaptez, Flagg; of all the A decorated the lawn of the house, an many small tables and chairs were tered refreshments being servi.Tr i those. who' were seated, while a musi.

program added to the' pleasure of t-afternoon. Mrs. Flora McDonald Le was the entertainer. She sang many giving tliose popular at the moment, an gave a number of recitations. Amonif those present were: Mrs He i Rowley.

Mrs. William Mathews. Mrs, liam Elisabeth Oiiho Mrs. Harry Cooper, Thomas I Mrs. Isaac Denning.

Mrs. William frey. Mrs. George Gill, Mrs. Charles I cott, Mrs.

John Gow, Mrs. George i man, Mrs. Thomas Moore. Mrs. Orr, Mrs.

William Finley, Mrs. A Wilson, Mrs. Francis Minton, Mrs. .) Owen, Miss Lucy Lurcott, Mrs 7 Adams. Mrs.

John Denning, Mrs Rowe, Frank Mn Hare, Mrs. George' Brown, Mrs IV Patternon. Mrs. James Dunne, Mrs. A drew Flemming.

New Shorthand School In Flatty Midwood Business School of lfi 9th street, near. Avenue P. hn wishes to announce to Chat rca-i --a special course will be started j. This course will in hide Gresrt; i ful shorthand, -touch and office training. Now is your time to learn Co shorthand -hs-fHtj ii.3.

1 i' --able. Adv. Afternoon lOc, Night lOc, tBc, 20c LOEWS 3I30ADVJA Eiseiffay, Near CONTINUOUS Myrtle Ave. 1 TO 11. Aftra-ua, ga.

10a Ni-tht. 10a, 15o Exctpt Sun. tnd QAE LUBSD'! in "ALL WOMAN" SAT. June 30 VIVian fMRTIfl in "ViviETTE" MON July 1 IRVING CUIM1NGS in THE HEART OF A GIRL TUES. July 2 GEORGE 1VI.


Marsh, the girl of a thousand faces, will be- seen in "All 'Woman" as the nhotoplay feature at Loew's Broadway Vivian Martin in "Vlviette from Wlli luun J. Locke's novel of English, society hie. will be the attraction Tuesday, Irving Cumminiri in "The Heart of a JM' Hnd Mack Sennett -com- i lly ealled Screen Idol" will be t-hnwn. George M. Cohan.

in "Hit-tho-Trall-Hol-luluv." will he the feature on Wednesday and Thursday- Charles Ray In "Jlia Own. Home Town" iinri Smiling Billy Parsons in a farce enlled "birds of a 1-eather" will be shown 1 ndav, Bessie' Love hi A Little Sister of Evervbndv" arid Deciding Kiss' with Edith Roberts 'Will be the double tr-ntiires on Saturday. LOEW'S DEKALB. oiu Cohan In "Hit. Ihe Trail Hoi-lidny" will i)C tdiown hi 'lioew's DeKalh 1 1' ai i Monday, Tuesday and Wednes- 'tiim Suxoni rlcver1 eccentric come- i hiiik tlMj I-rtdilio I linton -la a funny i i i'I 1'ioin iNebrmKa to Bioad-mh and JKiulas i lint and Company In f.kUth called ''Kasy 'Aloney il lie important items on the vaudeville Oiliw iii'ts will be Walsh and Law- 'lire, in musical comedy, bits and the i 'iiiee kvbbiits.

In a review of. high class i Iir liirtt half of the week Charles Ray in Him own hom*o will be the iMiutnrrmv attraction. 1 tin l.ulunl the cetfhiated Swedish vio linist, and Ihe Hippodrome Four, offering i in- latest souk hltd, will head the bill "Iner arts will be Taylor and Corel li Inward atid Jenkins.1 Gertrude Rose and I i 'ill's Circus. LOEW'S BIJOU. America' foremost actor-author, man- wr, playwright and composer of patri otic music, George M.

Cohan, will be seen In Hit the Trail Holliday," taken from li famous stage success, as the photo- attraction at Loew Bijou Monday I iicsdujr and Their Wedding a com fly skit presented by French and Brandt and lOdciie Foley and Les Leture, musical oinedy stars, offering the newest eongs ami dances, will top the vaudeville pro Brum. Other acta will be Barlow and Hurst, two charming young ladies, in rongii and pianologue; Henry Frey. mono logist and Paula, and others. The last half of the week Charles Ray in "His Own Home Town." will be the lihotoplay attraction, Hal Crane, one of -the youngest stars on the legitimate- stage, who is taking a short leap into vaudeville before returning to the legitimato, will head the vaude ville prociranr In hisNjOwn patrio-classic called The Message. Other acts wiil be Frazer, Bunce and Harding in new aongs; Bernard Ryan and Myrtle Riggs In a.

comedy skit "Disturb- in? the Teace" by Junie McCree: Lew and Huuntlng. in musical comedy moments; Pcro and Wilson, and Annette I LOEW'S FULTON. r-ief M. Cohan in a film veraion of hiB -lehraied play, "Hit Holliday." iill ho a big feature of the program at ul tor Monday, Tuesday and ht.aav. stuev and Allman.

in a comedy skit, some of the latest songs: Jan Ru-i mi. celebrated Swedish violinist, will ed the vaudeville bill. Other acts will hp Tiernard Ryan and Myrtle RiKgs In new -'I' t-i and oanreit and the Franklyn Duo. 1 ite -a part of tlie week Charles Ray own Home' Town." will, be the it ftatiirei 'ihe variety program will include the -v and Tertipla, Ej'H- i I Die Carson Try-, il The specified weight ERASMUS HALL SCHOOL HAS 260 GRADUATES commencemenTexercises are i HELD BEFORE A CROWDED MEETING. IN COLLEGE CAPS, AND GOWNS, mV.

Job Hedges Made a Stirring Ad dress to the Graduates and Diplomas Were Given. tri Lthe presence, of crowded assem blage, the young people composing the class of June, 1918; of Erasmus Hall High School passed Into the assembly hall of the school and passed otu again, diplomas In hand the out ward and visible sign of the four -years of hard work they had put Into their high school life. Flowers decorated tbe platform and the school banners were In. evidence, but In the long train of black robed figures could scarcely distinguish, the boys from the girls, so alike the college caps and gowns made them look. i Mr.

Job Hedges made a splendid and stirring adresss tp the graduates and the diplomas ware awarded. Membera of the graduating class were: Bemal H. Abel, John H. Adams, Daniel Adelman, Joseph Mary 3 Ambrose, Gordon W.Anderson, Isabelle R. Anted, Dorothy Isabel -Ashforth, Bacal, Lillian Helen Ealklnd, Ralph J.

Banker, Catherine Barnaby, Winston Ewart Barrow, Henry Gardner Battels, Marjorie Elizabeth' Baylis, Loretta I "en I In, Emma Clark Behnian, Mildred Benham, Helen May Benson. Mildred Chappell, Minnie Blank, Rose M. Blumberg, Harold Clarke Bottlng, Vincent Dotting, Ida E. BrageK Marion Jeannette Marion Brensen, Dorothy Otis Brooks, Raymond DeWItt Margaret Louise Brown, Hilda May Bryant', John Fulger, Harold Burkhardt, Dorothy K. Caldwell.

Kenneth R. Cald well, James Kingon Callaghan, Ward Hanbury, Cann, Richard Cantor, Marion Garleton. Arthur Carlson, John Delaney Cerow, Byron Cark, third; Robert Clark, Walter Edward Clarke, Oliver D. Comstock. Blanche Lloyd Crlsfleld, Helen.

Vivian Crosby, Sydney Joseph Crowley, Mildred XJuthbert." May' belle Gertrude Dane, Mary, C. DeBoer, Arlene DeBoId. Dorothea Elsbeth Delm- hbrst, Vincent DIMeo, Floriq Deutsch, George E. Dietrich, Eugenia Dines, Harold Joseph DresCher, Allelne Eliot Dog- gett, Blanche Lcile Egbert W. Doughty, Kathleen Drlscoll, Mildred Bishop Duncan," Helen K.

Easterday, Fannie Hart Edwards, William Fenlmore Edwards, Robert Benedict Ed wards Elkins; William T. Emery, Mary Elizabeth Evans, Michael Feinbloom. Rose Feingold, Isabelle vFoldman, Raymond Felgenhauer, Moses S. Finsllver, Anna Finkelstein, Joseph A. Flanzer, Elizabeth Ruth Flynn.

Wilfred Penn, Mildred Gladys Foster. Wilhel mlna Kroos Foulk. Louis G. Fox tow. Abraham V.

Freitag, David Frey, Asa Ben Friedman, Helga" Annetta Oaarder, Katheryn Gardner, Rose Gardner, Diana Nathan Ginsberg, Edwin Goebel. RciU Goldstein, Edith D. Goodman, Eleanor Ruth Gordon, Eleanor E. Graesser, Roland Granat, Leah' Ruth Greenebaum; Frances Blanch Greenberg, Edgar Greene, Charlotte Griften, Norman Grlsewood, Reginald Grossman, Marshall Esther Teresa Guerini, Florence Gwynne. William G.

Haas, Leo Hailpanv, Marlon Kelso Halllday, Fowler Hivn mel, Ella Florence Hanson, John Hart, Eugene Brewster Harter, Eleanor Haynes, Pauline Hay ward, Theresa Rose Healy, Ralph A. Heilbronn, Celeste C. Heine- man, John H. Helmken, Ray Hertz, Mildred Hess, Wilson Hewitt, Frank Jo r.cph Hlckey, Anna L. Hofmann, Viola Anna Hoffman, Carolyn J.

Holstein, Stella Holtzmann, Estelle Burton IIous- ley, Elizabeth Howard. Ceciie Ruth. Hum bert. Harold J. Hunter, Helen Quinn Hurley, Olga Dagmar Ihiseng, Allen Frederick Immlng, Morris Jackson, 03-wald N.

Jacoby, Helen Louise Ja- quish, Harry Jones, Busell Irwin Keiller, Blleanor Anna Kennedy, Gertrude T. Kiendl, Vivian Kilpatrick. Beatrix melmann, Helen Kinney. Mabelle A. Kir- gan, Frank Kley, Ruth Kemahrens, Elizabeth Kernblum, Doris H.

Kraeger, Ruth Agnes Kuhn, Helen Gertrude, Lawrence, Madeline Lay, Charles" Stuart Leavitt, Sophie Lerner, Anne Lewln, Doris K. Liftchlld, Miriam Shirley Lon- den. John Luhan, Anna Elizabeth Lude- wlg, Helen M. Lyons, Joseph H. Mac Neill, Walter Scott MncPhee.

Helen C. McDonald, Mildred McElllgott, Wil liam, James McGowan. Alice McNamara Roderick Leo Markun, Edith Marvin: Janet Royce Heller, Milton Merican. Dorothy Meyer. Ar nold Miller.

Roswell D. Miller. Wililam Moor Miller, Victoria Isabel Milne, Stan ley PingTey Miner, Frederic Bailey Mehle. Frederick A. Moller, Gutman Morris, W.

Taylor Frank James Cljntqn John Murray, Rhoda L. Nayler, William Nash, Edward J. Neary, Ethel May tsVewman. Katherine Johanna Nie meyem-Kdward Wl)ter Jippert Donald M. Xorris, John Northrop, Dora.

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