Free Printable Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets - The Keeper of the Memories (2024)

These easy kindergarten worksheets are a great way to teach your kids all about the life cycle of a chicken while learning more about sequencing and nature. Grab yours today!

Free Printable Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets - The Keeper of the Memories (1)I can’t wait to share these new Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets with you! These fun printables are an easy way to introduce your early learners to the life cycle of these feathered friends. It’s a great activity to include in farm-themed preschool lessons.

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The little guy loves all things farming and the chicken life cycle is such a natural extension of that.

Learning about the life cycle of a chicken with these printable worksheets is a great way to introduce your kids to these amazing animals as well as extend your farm learning in a unique way.

Keep reading to check out more fun chicken learning activities you can include in your lesson plans.

Chicken Life Cycle

The chicken life cycle is a wonderful opportunity to practice ordering objects with preschoolers.

  • Stage 1: Egg – After the mama chicken lays an egg, a chick starts to grow inside. One of our favorite picture books describing exactly how that happens was Where Do Chicks Come From?* by Amy E. SklanskyFree Printable Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets - The Keeper of the Memories (2)
  • Stage 2: Hatchling – When the chick is ready, it hatches from its egg. Did you know that hatchlings have a tiny lump called an egg tooth? That was one of the many facts that we learned this school year while exploring the chicken life cycle.
  • Stage 3: Chick – Baby chickens are often referred to as chicks or “peeps.” We had lots of fun with our Birds & Eggs theme not too long ago. If you’re looking for lots of quick & easy, you’re definitely going to want to check out what we did.
  • Stage 4: Chicken – When a chick grows up, we call it a chicken. A female chicken is a hen and a male chicken is a rooster.

Putting objects in the correct order, also called sequencing, is an excellent way to teach kids critical thinking skills as well as cause and effect. You can also practice patterns by observing patterns in nature.

Sequencing information helps young children synthesize what they’re learning so, it’s the perfect way to build future problem solvers and encourage budding naturalists!

Chicken life cycle worksheets will help your preschooler begin to understand nature on a deeper level as they learn to recognize the life cycle and arrange it in order.

Chicken Storybooks

In addition to teaching your preschooler important lessons about how chickens grow and develop with chicken life cycle worksheets, you can learn valuable lessons from quality picture books featuring chickens too. Check out these cute chicken tales my kids love and enjoy them with your kids too:

Exploring the Chicken Life Cycle Through Sensory Play

Around Easter, the kiddos and I put together a colorful egg sensory binthat we loved exploring together. Sensory bins are an excellent way to provide tactile stimulation for your preschooler.

Kids can explore a variety of textures with this egg sensory bin as they manipulate colorful pom-poms, plastic eggs, and buttons.

A great way to adapt this activity to make it even more perfect for learning about the chicken life cycle is to use yellow and orange pom poms, plastic eggs and buttons and include these Life Cycle of a Chicken* figurines as well.

Your little kids will have not only a wonderful sensory experience, but also a great hands-on way to learn all about this amazing life cycle.

These adorable egg bins are also the perfect way to encourage your child to use his imagination! For extra fun, provide some cups and watch as your little ones explore scooping and dumping the many colorful objects available in this sensory play activity.

Don’t forget to get your chicken life cycle worksheet printables today to start learning about eggs, hatchlings, chicks, and chickens with your preschooler. Then, share your learning memories with me in the comment section. I love reading about your learning adventures!

Chicken Life Cycle Printable Worksheets

I created these Chicken Life Cycle Printable Worksheets to go along with our kindergarten science. This set includes:

  • 1 color poster that can be printed to use in your science center
  • 3 printable worksheets (matching, sequencing, cut & paste) with answer keys
  • 6 pages of printables to create a life cycle book for each student

We used these activities as part of a week-long unit study.
Free Printable Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets - The Keeper of the Memories (3)

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

I hope you enjoy using these life cycle printable worksheets with your little kids as much as I enjoyed creating them with mine.

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Free Printable Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets - The Keeper of the Memories (2024)


What are the 5 life cycle of chicken? ›

The lifespan of chicken is usually between 3 to 8 years and there are about 5 stages in its life cycle; egg fertilization, embryo, chick, pullet and adult. After the development of the embryo, the eggs are hatched either by natural brooding or artificial brooding methods.

What is the life cycle of a chicken ks1? ›

Once the chick is ready, it will hatch from the egg. The chick will stay close to the mother for 6 months. After 6 months, the chick matures into an adult chicken. If the chicken is female, they are then ready to lay eggs of their own.

How do you make a hen life cycle? ›

Life Cycle of a Chicken
  1. The Egg – Stage 1. In chickens, the process of egg laying occurs during the long stretches of summer months. ...
  2. The Chick – Stage 2. After laying sufficient eggs, the hen becomes a broody hen. ...
  3. The Pullet – (Adolescent) Stage 3. ...
  4. The Adult – Stage 4. ...
  5. Conclusion.
Jun 27, 2020

How old must a chicken be to start laying eggs? ›

During ideal day length (14-16 hours of light) and with adequate nutrition, housing, and management, hens (depending on breed) should begin producing eggs when they are18- 22 weeks old.

At what age do chickens stop laying eggs? ›

As hens age they will naturally start laying fewer eggs with many hens slowing down production around 6 or 7 years of age and retirement shortly after. Many laying hens can live several years into retirement with average life expectancy between 8 and 10 years.

What are female baby chickens called? ›

The first step is understanding the terminology of your new chicks. Female chicks are known as pullets, while male chicks are called co*ckerels.

What is the life cycle of a chicken stage 3? ›

What happens during the third stage of the chicken life cycle? The chick grows up and changes over time into a chicken.

What happens first in the life cycle of a chicken? ›

In this case, the egg is certainly the first part of the life cycle of a chicken. Once a chicken lays an egg, the embryonic chick needs about three weeks to mature inside, 1 utilizing the nutrient-rich yolk as an energy source and obtaining air for breathing through the surprisingly porous walls of the eggshell.

What is the life cycle of a chicken paragraph? ›

On average, a chicken will live between three to five years (some breeds are known to live longer), and have three distinct life phases: egg, chick and chicken stage. In each stage a chicken will have differing needs to ensure they continue to develop healthily throughout their lifetime.

What is the life cycle of a chicken stage 2? ›

twinkl 2 What happens during the second stage of the chicken life cycle? Baby chickens are called chicks. The chick starts its life by hatching from an egg when it is ready. It pecks a hole in the shell with a bump on its beak called an egg tooth.

What if 4 hens lay 4 eggs in 4 days? ›

Double the number of hens, double the number of eggs in the same time—assuming, of course, everything is equal. No hen goes on a egg laying spree, and no hen goes on strike. So the answer is 4 days. If 4 hens lay 4 eggs in 4 days, then 8 hens will lay 8 eggs in 4 days.

Do hens lay eggs without a rooster? ›

The truth is that hens will lay eggs with or without a rooster. Without a rooster, your hens' eggs are infertile, so won't develop into chicks. If you do have a rooster, eggs need to be collected daily and kept in a cool place before being used so that they won't develop into chicks.

What does a hen do before laying eggs? ›

Before laying an egg, a hen may exhibit certain behaviors indicating her readiness, such as spending more time in the nesting area, making "nesting" movements (like scratching or rearranging nesting material), or vocalizing softly. These behaviors may occur a short time before egg-laying or even a day or so in advance.

How many life cycles does a chicken have? ›

On average, a chicken will live between three to five years (some breeds are known to live longer), and have three distinct life phases: egg, chick and chicken stage. In each stage a chicken will have differing needs to ensure they continue to develop healthily throughout their lifetime.

What are the 5 animals life cycle? ›

Students should recall that various animal groups experience different life cycle stages that usually include: birth, growth, development, reproduction, and death.

How many days does a chicken live? ›

Layer hens—those who are bred and forced to lay large quantities of eggs—live to be about 18 to 24 months old before being sent for slaughter. Broiler chickens, or chickens raised for meat, live to be about 47 days old before they meet their violent end.

How long do chickens live 5 to 10 years? ›

So, considering things like living environments, diet, adequate water, daily care, coop cleanliness, disease, vitamins and minerals, predator attacks, or even pecking order injuries, a chicken's lifespan is anywhere from 5-10 years. Each breed has a slightly different lifespan according to their genetics though.

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